Sergiy Stakhovsky 'You Cannot Go Against the System in Russia'

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Sergiy Stakhovsky 'You Cannot Go Against the System in Russia'

Tennis - Ukrainian tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky says that Russia is a very dangerous place and that he is not surprised that Russia has been accused of interfering with the American Presidential elections. Speaking in Paris where he is competing at the French Open, Stakhovsky says on Russia interfering with the American elections, "That’s what they’re capable of.

When you go to Russia and watch TV, the product they create for Russians is a very good reality. It’s great for them. If I were a Russian watching TV I would support it too because they frame it so well so that [it seems] there isn’t any other way but Putin’s …You don’t have a free press in a big country like Russia – which has thousands of nukes.

It’s a very dangerous place.” Stakhovsky continued saying that it is difficult for anyone to go against the system in Russia. "Russia is an abuse of power country. [Their] parliament [has] the most amount of billionaires in the world.

Where are you going to go from there – if one person controls the resources and then he creates the vertical power by dividing whatever he owns? Literally, you cannot go against the system in Russia. You cannot go against the system.

If you do, in the best case, you land up in jail, or you die. It is hard for me to understand that there are no more moral values in any aspect of the world anymore.” Speaking about Trump, Stakhovsky says, "Unfortunately people are making fun of Trump everywhere.

He was at that meeting and just pushed that leader from Montenegro out of the way. If you are running to see Federer play in New York I understand [doing that],” he joked. [But] it’s your President. But your political structure is so powerful.

Thank God, it’s not just about Trump. It’s about the Senate. Constitutionally, it’s so good that one judge can just overrule him…[But] we are not here to judge him. You chose him. It’s your life.” The Ukrainian player came through the qualifying rounds in Paris to enter the main draw and reached the second round before going down to the 10th seeded David Goffin.

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