Bacsinszky: 'Against me Mladenovic can cheer herself up in Hungarian too!'

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Bacsinszky: 'Against me Mladenovic can cheer herself up in Hungarian too!'

Sara Errani complained about Kristina Mladenovic saying "forza" several times during the match played against each other and then the Italian player herself apologised, but this problem won't exist for Timea Bacsinszky, who will be next Mladenovic's opponent.

How do you decide to speak on court with these options available to you? 'Well, if I'm like pumping myself up, I'm doing it in my mother language and in French' Bacsinszky replied in press conference. 'So Hungarian and French, because I live in the French part of Switzerland.

When I was playing with Martina at the Olympics I was probably saying some Swiss-German words because we were mixing up everything, because, as well, we have language talents, both of us. When I played Mladenovic in February, in Switzerland, she was more talking in Italian than in French.

It's her pick, the language that she wants to cheer herself on. But she's allowed to pick any of the language she knows. If she wants to cheer herself up in Hungarian, I mean, do it. I mean, what's happening on the other side is happening on the other side. I'm focusing more on my side.

I'm focusing on my game more than how, what am I gonna say if I win a point.' 'It's a great challenge', Bacsinszky added about her next match. 'This quarterfinal will be probably very challenging for both of us.

I know how many wins she has this year. She's one of the best players at the moment at the race, as well, like Venus. I'm kind of playing the best players in the race right now. It's great. I mean, it's the same.

That's why we are working so hard, to be able to play these matches. I know that the crowd will not be with me, and it's okay. I mean, I will play for sure for myself, for my whole team, as well. I know that sometimes even -how do you say? Like a look in the eye of my coach is kind of enough for me as a booster, because he gives me a lot of confidence.

Well, we're gonna see. I mean, it's gonna be an interesting one. Maybe so many Swiss people bought the tickets. I mean, Stan is doing amazing at the French. Me, my third time in a row in the quarters. Maybe it's going to be a lot of Swiss flags.

You never know. But anyway, it's gonna be a fun one. I hope so.' ALSO READ: Roland Garros: Mladenovic upsets Muguruza in three sets