Ion Tiriac: 'Male players are TIRED of losing money because of women'

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Ion Tiriac: 'Male players are TIRED of losing money because of women'

Madrid event is one of combined tournaments to offer a bigger prize money for men's draw than women's (€6,408,000 against €5,924,000), although the money is the same for everyone from the third round singles main draw.

The tournament owner Ion Tiriac explained in an interview to Le Parisien that he disagrees with having same prize money, because numbers of views on websites, audience on TVs and interactions on social media are bigger for men's tennis.

'Let's not confuse business with human rights,' Tiriac said. 'Tennis is business. I understand players who say they are tired to see men's prize money help the women's. Someone says me: 'Sir Tiriac, when will you stop financing women with our money?' A very few ones said it publicly, although most of them think so.

It's not right to pay men and women the same. When Williams sisters were having success at times when there was the Belgian star (Justine Henin), or Steffi Graf, they should have probably deserved to earn more. As for Slams, I can understand that they support equality because they pay a lot.

But for combined events like Madrid, Miami and Indian Wells, I am not agree.' Speaking about the possible tennis format changes that will be introduced in the Next Gen ATP Finals, the rich Romanian admitted how it maybe difficult to see it in the official tournaments.

'The problem in tennis is that there are more bodies. ITF, ATP, WTA, Grand Slam committee... all this makes complicated introducing changed. Tennis changed less in the last 30 years, only tie-break and Hawk-Eye were introduced.

But I find useless that at the Roland Garros it's not used. In the 2014 final against Sharapova Halep was affected by a bad call and if Hawk-Eye were there, she would have won French Open and her life would have changed', said Tiriac, who helps Halep in the management committments.

'Also, balls should be 10-15% bigger so that the game gets low and you can see more the players' talent. Also the point system should change, the killer point on 40-all. You should have a shot clock because players never take less 20 seconds between points.' Tiriac who had choosen Madrid event to be played on blue clay in 2012.

That was a failure at the end: 'It doesn't exist a rule that establishes clay should be red. But ATP said no because three players (Nadal, Djokovic, Federer) complained. Though, 110 TVs had told me that thanks to blue clay you could see ball better.' ALSO READ: Ion Tiriac criticizes Roger Federer: 'We can't count on him anymore'