Simona Halep: 'I felt ashamed for my on court coaching with Cahill'

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Simona Halep: 'I felt ashamed for my on court coaching with Cahill'

Simona Halep dropped off only two games to Carla Suarez Navarro, beating her 6/1 6/1. 'I feel very, very good now', the Romanian player said Speaking about her anke condition. 'I think I played the best match here in Roland Garros against Carla, which always was a tough match. And on clay I never won against her, so it was a really good match. I think I played exactly what I had to. About my ankle, I still feel at some balls pain, but doesn't bother me. So I can run. I'm not thinking about it during the points, so I feel that I'm fit. I'm ready to go into this second week. I'm happy to be in the quarterfinals again, so let's see. Next opponent, it's a big challenge for me. I will give my best.'

Halep is more positive on court after that in March she argued with Darren Cahill in Miami. 'I think my attitude helps me to see the game better and to be able to play relaxed and to play more positive. I think I am more present on court, and I know exactly what I have to do against each player. I just feel the ball now. I don't want to talk too much about this feeling, because I want to keep it. It's a good tournament for me, and it's, like, amazing how I won today, how I played against Carla. It's never easy against her. I still want to say that I have more to improve in this way, but now I'm okay with the way I am on court and out of court. I just work hard. I really wanted to change that. I knew that it's gonna change my game if I'm more, like, calm on court.'

She had split with Cahill for a few weeks just because of her too negative attitude: 'It meant a lot that he took that decision. Helped me. I just felt that it was like a shock, because I lost the coach. So I have just to improve in this way, because he never had something to complain about my game and about the work that I do, because I'm working. But just with my attitude. I knew that is the only one thing that I have to change to have him back. So I work hard, and I changed. I changed pretty fast. But still I repeat, I have a lot to work on. He was home. I was home. He just told me that, we will talk after Paris. And then he liked how I was in Fed Cup, both matches. And then in Stuttgart. So I think when I finished Stuttgart, he said he saw enough, and he's ready to come back. I asked him if he wants to come back before Madrid (smiling). He said yes, because I improved a lot, and he saw that I really wanted to change that. So the desire that I had in that moment made him come back and just be ready for me. So I'm okay. Now I'm happy that I can be positive on court, and I will never be negative like I was in Miami, because I didn't like when I saw the video, I felt ashamed about what I did. So hopefully is not going to happen again.'

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