Gunter Bresnik: 'Janowicz can be a top-10 player but he is headstrong'

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Gunter Bresnik: 'Janowicz can be a top-10 player but he is headstrong'

Gunter Bresnik worked also with Jerzy Janowicz at the end of last year for a couple of weeks in the pre-season helping him. The veteran coach accepted Janowicz's request, but wasn't satisfied with the way the world no. 155 worked.

'I was available to help him because his qualities were unbelievable, but he doesn't take advantage of it. He serves well, hits forehand and backhand in an excellent way, has a good touch and volley. He can be potentially a top-10 player, but he is crazy and a little bit expressive,' Bresnik told Przeglad Sportowy. 'Jerzy is headstrong, he doesn't like to listen.

During practice sessions I was feeling like a radio: I was there speaking, on the background, while he was doing like he wanted. A such attitude doesn't suit to my philosophy. The coach is a doctor, he doesn't care what the client wants, but he cares about what the client needs.' Janowicz beat Grigor Dimitrov in Stuttgart in the second round.

Asked why his main player Dominic Thiem is a top-10 player, Bresnik replied: 'He is not top 10 because he pays me, but because he does what I tell him.' ALSO READ: Thiem: 'I'm really disappointed, I didn't play my best tennis at all'

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