Mischa Zverev: 'My brother Alexander is in his own little world'

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Mischa Zverev: 'My brother Alexander is in his own little world'

Mischa Zverev is an "unusual" player in today's game. Alexander's sibling hits serve and volley very often and has improved a lot in the ATP rankings since 2015: he was outside the top-1,000, now he is in the top-30.

On grass he can display his game at his best. 'I followed my serve in 99.9% of the time today,' Mischa told Reuters. 'I can only remember one second serve that I stayed back. I come in on every serve.' It was thank to his Russian father Alexander Sr., a former tennis player, that he learned to play serve and volley.

He explained that he wasn't good enough from the baseline, so he had to come up with a Plan B. 'My dad was a great serve and volleyer so he knew how to do it and knew how to train. At a young age I started to spend a lot of time at the net and realised it was something that came naturally.' Mischa knew how to play at the biggest stage: he was a top-50 player in 2009, then he had several injuries, including to his wrist in 2014 that required surgery.

'For four or five years I was not in my best shape. A lot of injuries and you start not to be as motivated and not to train as hard as you should. I remember when my wrist was in a cast, it was the low point. But a week after that Alex got to the semis in Hamburg as a 17-year-old.

That moment gave me positive energy, positive emotions to come back and train hard and still believe.' Speaking about his brother Alexander's character, Mischa said: 'He listens to people and doesn't listen to people! He's in his own little world most of the time and he has certain goals that he wants to achieve and he is so focused on that.' ALSO READ: Alexander Zverev: 'We will never see someone like Federer again'