Ken Rosewall: I admire Federer so much

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Ken Rosewall: I admire Federer so much

Roger Federer reached the Wimbledon Final for an 11th time and the soon to be 36 year old has mesmerized one person in particular – Ken Rosewall. The 82-year old Australian tennis legend saw Federer outclass Tomas Berdych in straight sets as the Swiss became the oldest men's singles finalist here since Rosewall himself in 1974.

"I'm like millions of others. I admire Roger so much," Rosewall told Reuters in an interview. "I think he's going to be a force in tennis for a few more years." He further went on to say - "I'd like to be compared to Roger.

I was playing some of my best tennis at 35. Roger's doing the same thing. I don't see any reason why he shouldn't continue for at least another two or three years." The oldest man to win a Grand Slam in the Open Era, Rosewall was 37 when he won the Australian Open in 1972.

"If anyone is to break it, I won't be sorry to see the record go to somebody like Roger," added Rosewall. He then spoke about the Open Era "I was 33 when Open tennis came in ... I was still enjoying the tennis and I was playing well," said Rosewall.

"I still felt I was a strong force in winning events... and the chance to play for prize money, that was the main motivation." Also Read: Andy Murray 50-50 for US Open, claims leading hip specialist