Alexander Zverev: 'I am completely dead'

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Alexander Zverev: 'I am completely dead'

Alexander Zverev didn't have any energy during his first match in Cincinnati. The German player lost to Francis Tiafoe by 4-6 6-3 6-4 after winning Washington and Montreal titles. 'I'm completely dead right now', the 20-year-old admittes in press conference.

'I have been dead for the past two days. I just played, what, 12 matches in a two-week span? I have won one ATP 500 event and one ATP 1000 event in the last two weeks. I beat a lot of top-10 players and have beaten a lot of great players, a lot of tough matches.

I'm not a machine. So I'm tired, yeah. There is no hiding it. I don't take anything away from him. He did a great job of finishing the match, but I think in the middle of the second set, I was about a 10% of what I can play.' He was only one of three top 10 players in the tournament, so it was a great chance to earn more points.

'I always have motivation to play. I always have encouragement. But there is a physical limit to all of us, and I have reached that right now.' Speaking about his next plans, Zverev said: 'I'm going to take three, four days off and play a little bit of golf or go to the beach, something like that.

Not touch the tennis racquet.' Finally he commented about US Open: 'I think there are a few guys there, strong favorites. I think Roger and Rafa are the strongest ones and a few guys coming after that. I think I am involved in that group.

I am in that small group of players. Obviously the two favorites are Roger and Rafa.'