Grigor Dimitrov: 'After losing I don't eat, talk or sleep for two days'

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Grigor Dimitrov: 'After losing I don't eat, talk or sleep for two days'

Grigor Dimitrov advanced into his first Masters final in career by beating John Isner 7-6 (4) 7-6 (10). In the match both players held their serve games as Isner saved the only break point faced and Dimitrov the only two ones.

'Today was, I think, one of those matches that I really had to just be patient. I think that that was the key', the Bulgarian said in press conference. 'I knew I'm not going to have that many rallies against John.

I knew that he's going to serve big, bold serves. I just had to be very composed and use every opportunity that I had. I think in the end of the match, it was just a few points that made the biggest difference for me. I'm just happy obviously with the win, but I'm just happy with the way I kept myself together throughout the whole match.

Just remained calm in those tough moments. I mean, I know it's nerve-wracking from outside, but it's even tougher when you're in there and have to receive a serve that comes 141 miles an hour. So, yeah, I take a lot of positivity out of that match, and I'm just building up.' Your first Masters final.

Does it feel like a big milestone? You have played a lot of these events. 'I think it's a good step. It's a good step. I have been on the tour for quite some time now, and I appreciate those moments. I'm starting to, I think, to appreciate them even more.

Being able to compete at a final, it's always a great feeling. No matter Masters 1000 or 250, it's always something that you work for. It all comes down to that. For me, as I said, right now is just all about just going step by step and just building up not only my confidence, my game, to be able to do that pretty much every time I'm entering a tournament.

And I feel good. I think the body is responding well. I have been playing good tennis, as well. So that actually helps. Hopefully tomorrow is going to be one of those days that I can, again, produce good tennis. But not only that. I just kind of want to make sure that I'm going in the right direction.' Dimitrov wants to win the title so bad: 'I don't want to be relaxed just because I'm playing in the final tomorrow.

Oh, great, I got to the final. Now I can just take it easy. No. These are those moments where you kind of want to build a momentum, and it's so hard to get that kind of momentum on tour, especially with so many players that are playing good and competing.

Everybody is playing well nowadays. So I think it's so important to keep that momentum going, that game with you, and just apply it every single time to there is no more, basically. Just keep on going. I think that's why the best players in the world have been doing throughout the years -- Rafa, Roger, Andy, Novak -- I mean, once they build the momentum, they were pretty much unplayable.

You have seen other people doing it. And why not you? I think a lot of players right now are knocking on the door. And it's different when you don't see the guys, for sure, playing quarters, semis, and they are not top 4.

It's a completely different view on the other side of the net. Yeah, I think that's how I look at things right now.' This year Dimitrov also had some tough losses like the one to Dominic Thiem in Madrid where he didn't convert five match points. 'I think losses, I think, they teach you the most, but it's tough.

I'm not gonna lie. It sucks. It's terrible. You can't sleep for two days. You're pissed. You don't talk. You don't eat. I'm not gonna lie. Yes, this is how you feel. But, yes, you're supposed to feel that way.

You need to grow somehow. You're going to grow winning matches like today, and you're going to grow from losing matches like that. But that's just as simple as that for me. Like, I don't want to get too down on myself, but in the same time, I don't want to fly high just because I'm playing well.

No, it's just -- I just think tennis is such a simple game, if you think about it, a simple game for intelligent people. That's what my father kept telling me when I was a kid. Grigor, why you playing this? I'm, like, I don't know.

I like this shot. He says, No, forget that shot. It's not a good shot. Why? He says, Tennis is a simple game for intelligent people. Yeah, that's in my head nowadays. The same thing I guess off the court. You need to be intelligent, and I think also in sync with your feelings, and the way you perform after that I think really reflects on the way you practice, the way you eat, the way you are with the outside world.

Because guess what? There's more to tennis.' He finally spoke about his admiration for a player: 'I have always been an admirer of Feli, Feli Lopez. I like this guy a lot. He's just -- I mean, every time -- he's, like, fit and good and his long hair and the beard.

I'm like, Dude, you do good. Like, I wish I had his legs. His calves, man. He's strong. Every time walking towards the showers, I'm like, Show me those calves again. He starts laughing at me. I guess him, yeah. Of course there are a few others, but this is the first thing that popped into my head.' ALSO READ: Grigor Dimitrov: 'I've been working physically for quite some time' .