Nick Kyrgios: 'World No. 1 or 500, I am still a tennis player'

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Nick Kyrgios: 'World No. 1 or 500, I am still a tennis player'

Nick Kyrgios advanced into his first Masters 1000 final by beating David Ferrer 7-6 7-6. The Australian player didn't play as well as against Rafael Nadal, but he still went through. 'He was a nightmare to play, especially because I'm a tall guy and he's not the tallest guys', Nick said in press conference.

'He hits the ball pretty flat. You know, the whole time there is nothing shoulder height for me to hit. I'm always trying to hit underneath and trying to hit up and over it. It's a tough matchup for me. I thought today I didn't play my best tennis.

I certainly didn't serve great during the set. In the tiebreaks I served well, but I definitely didn't bring my best tennis today. I'm just really proud that I managed to scrap out the win.' Speaking about his physical issues, Kyrgios said: 'I'm still feeling pain in my hip.

I'm not going to act as if it's 100%. I'm just pushing through it. I'm trying to just do my rehab every day, get treatment. I mean, it's still there, but yeah, I mean, obviously I'm pushing myself and I'm feeling good about my game.

I wasn't feeling confident at all. You know, three weeks ago I tanked first round against Tennys Sandgren. I wasn't tanking, but I was mentally not there. I was going through a lot of stuff. Three weeks later I'm in the final of a Masters event.

I wouldn't have said that three weeks ago, no way. But I was going on the practice court, trying to practice. Even though I wasn't feeling too good, I was trying to practice, trying to do all the right things. I guess it's paid off.

Yeah, I mean, I get a little pat on the back, I guess.' In press conference Ferrer said Kyrgios will be be No. 1 in the world one day and that he will at least have a lot of opportunities. But Nick doesn't thinkt it could happen: 'There are other things that are more important to me than tennis, you know.

It's just a game. There is worse things happening in the world right now than me losing, for instance, if I lost that tennis match. That's part of the reason I can't take it so seriously. I have had family members that have passed away, and, you know, I haven't seen them enough or I didn't get to see them enough because of tennis, and I guess that could be a reason why I can't really give myself fully to the game, as well.

If I'm No. 1 or I'm No. 500, I'm just a tennis player at the end of the day. I don't really want to be remembered as an unbelievable tennis player. I would rather be remembered as someone who, you know, was kind to people and stuff like that.' Kyrgios's both grandfathers passed away.

What was their impact? 'Well, he never missed a match. That was one thing. They were unbelievable support. And my grandma that passed away, she was pretty much my mum for the most part of my life. I have been pretty crazy ever since she left.

I can't really talk about it too much.' ALSO READ: Kyrgios: 'On back courts I tank matches, but against players like Nadal... .