Venus Williams: 'I didn't even know how my opponent looked like'


Venus Williams: 'I didn't even know how my opponent looked like'

Venus Williams had a tough first round match at the US Open against Viktoria Kuzmova. The American player prevailed by 6-2 in the third set and in press conference she said: 'I had no idea what she [Kuzmova] looked like, who she was, anything.

But she played amazing. She played well, served well, competed well. Definitely a match I had to earn. I definitely wasn’t expecting or planning on dropping sets today. But things happen. That’s why we play the match, because you have to win the match.

So it’s just all about regrouping. It’s the first round. You figure out, you know, what’s going on. I feel like my game always rises a lot in the bigger events. That’s what I feel like, like I’ll be ready to play when push comes to shove.' A question about Serena's pregnancy.

As her sister, what is the process like? Is it exciting, nerve-wracking? Does it not really impact you? 'Yeah, it's definitely a different experience, especially for she and I, because we spent our whole lives focused, so focused on work.

So when you have an experience that is not work, it's pretty intense. That's all we do, is work and train and focus. It's a completely different experience for both of us.' ALSO READ: Venus Williams's cell phone under investigation after fatal accident

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