Elena Vesnina: 'Removing best-of-five set matches would be fine'

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Elena Vesnina: 'Removing best-of-five set matches would be fine'

Elena Vesnina and Andrey Kuznetsov were special guests during a talk show on 'Match TV' in Russia. They both spoke about tennis' format, when Vesnina was asked what what she would want to be changed in the sport.

'I would cancel best-of-five matches, because it’s really tough for TV and for players who play next on the court. I am not against long matches, it’s only one of the things that could be changed.

With only best-of-three sets obviously it would be easier for TV bosses to put tennis in the schedule and to show more matches.' Kuznetsov spoke about NextGen ATP Finals that will be played for the next five years in Milan.

There will be several experimental rules, which Kuznetsov doesn't like a lot: 'It's unlikely that these changes will last for long and will be used in ATP in future, but umpires should be more strict to 25-second rule between serves, because some players hit aces and then go from corner to corner and they are not ready to play next point in 25 seconds.

We should use common sense in these situations. For example, after really long and physical rally players may get a bit longer break than between regular points, but overall I am okay with current rules.' Translation provided by Ilya Ryvlin on Twitter

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