Milos Raonic: 'I picked up a strain to my calf, my wrist isn't a concern'

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Milos Raonic: 'I picked up a strain to my calf, my wrist isn't a concern'

Through his official Facebook page, Milos Raonic revealed some infos about his physical condition following his retirement from Tokyo event against Yuichi Sugita after just one game. The Canadian player, who is back to compete after a seven-week break due to a left wrist injury, is now suffering another issue: a calf strain.

He wrote: 'It was so tough having to retire after one game today in Tokyo. I picked up a strain to the calf. It’s hard to know the extent of it, I’ll have to wait because it’s too soon to have an exact evaluation. It happened when the score was deuce, I felt a sharp pain at the back of my leg. I will head home now and get medical attention. It’s been a difficult and frustrating year, I obviously wish I could have focused on tennis more rather than chasing help all the time. My wrist isn’t a concern, because the process was a cleaning and not a structural change. It was kind of a growth that happened over time. Therefore, it was very simple and something that needed the swelling to go down. I'll keep you updated and thanks to you all for the continued support!'

He won't play in Shanghai, hopes to be back in time to compete in Vienna and Paris Bercy.

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