Grigor Dimitrov: 'I'm naturally pretty flexible'

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Grigor Dimitrov: 'I'm naturally pretty flexible'

Grigor Dimitrov escaped a tough battle in his first match at 2017 Shanghai Rolex Masters. The Bulgarian player saved three match points in a row on 6-3 in the third set tie-break to Advance into the third round. 'Interesting first round for me, to be honest', Dimitrov said in press conference.

'Matches like that, I appreciate the most, for sure. I said that last week. I'm saying it again. Those are the matches that I want to win. Those are the matches that I build up. I was feeling good throughout the whole match, to be honest.

Even coming out of that first set I knew he was playing well. So I just had to kind of find my way through the match in order to start hitting the ball well. Yeah, after that second set and being up a break in the third, I just dropped my level.

Those are actually times that I need to keep on playing the same level and maybe rise up a little bit. It's actually one of the things I spoke to my team last week. Yeah, at least I didn't do the same mistake this time.

It was similar, but at least I'm getting into the right way right now. And, yeah, I'm just, you know, pretty happy with that win.' Talk about the three match points you saved in the tiebreak. 'I just had to be there.

I mean, I knew Ryan is going to hit a risk or just play a solid point. I was ready for either/or. When he came -- I think at 6-5 when he served that first serve, I knew he was going to come to the net. I just didn't know where he was going to play.

I had a pretty decent return. I just had to be ready for anything, as I said. He missed it. 6-All, great point for me. I think I hustled through pretty good. I knew that match point I just had to make that first serve. That was the only thing that was in my head.

I knew that if I didn't put that one in it's going to be even harder because he's going to go for it, as well. I mean, also, he played an unbelievable match. I've got to give him a lot of credit. He got to that point, for sure.

It was pretty unfortunate to end up that way, but I just take it as it is right now.' You're a pretty flexible guy. Do you work specifically on that? 'Not really. I mean, I did a little bit of gymnastics when I was younger, but I think naturally I'm pretty -- I think I'm naturally pretty flexible. Of course you need to keep on working on the specifics and injury prevention and all those kind of exercises which we do every day before we actually get on the court.

Yeah, plus I enjoy it a lot. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do this for the next ten years, but I'm enjoying it as much as I can. As I said, I appreciate that kind of battle.' .