Boris Becker: 'Alexander Zverev is a diamond that needs to be promoted'

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Boris Becker: 'Alexander Zverev is a diamond that needs to be promoted'

Boris Becker is excited about the next few years for German tennis, as he became the new chief of his country's men's tennis side in August. The seven-time Grand Slam champion is confident everything will work fine.

'The German tennis is much better than its reputation and now we are good enough, also than other countries. We have had a very good development, thanks to new and better infrastructure. But we need to make tennis fascinating again and bring new fans,' said Becker during a press conference call on Tuesday.

There is much room for improvement, especially looking at the ATP Challenger tournaments hosted by Germany, only seven. In Italy there are more than 20 tournaments, which obviously helps local players. 'In other countries, there are public investments or they are supported by Grand Slamsm' the DTB vice-president Peter Aurnhammer said.

Becker also commented on the 2018 Davis World Group first-round away tie against Australia. 'The good news is that all the players, including Alex Zverev, want to play the 2018 first round. Zverev is a diamond that needs to be promoted.

We can count on him.' But now the real work starts: 'Breaking into the top-five is tough, but remaining there is even tougher.' ALSO READ: Alexander Zverev joins Federer, Nishikori, Thiem to play 2018 Halle .