Coco Vandeweghe: 'Haters shouldn't have a voice in my life'

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Coco Vandeweghe: 'Haters shouldn't have a voice in my life'

Tennis players frequently receive criticism and bad messages on social network nowadays, and Coco Vandeweghe is not an exception to this. The American player, interviewed by VTB Russia, commented about the negativity she has received on social media.

'I think that people who write negative and mean things to you are cowards. I don't respond, because that's is validation for what these people are saying. I don't respond, because I don't think they should have a voice in my life, so I don't allow them to have It.

I go on through my day. I survive,' the world no. 19 said. It was a pretty good season for Vandeweghe, who reached the semi-finals at the Australian and US Opens. After Flushing Meadows her form dropped a little, and she didn't get good results.

'This is probably the toughest part of the year after the US Open,' she admitted. 'I kind of feel like there's nothing more to play for. I mean, it's silly sometimes for me at certain junctions. I know there is Singapore and I know there is this tournament.

But, I mean, after US Open -- we play for Grand Slams, and for me, I also take Olympics as a huge priority. I think after US Open, it's kind of -- it's rough. There is no secret about that. I kept constantly playing because of the Fed Cup Final.

I really take playing for my country very seriously, so I played a lot of tournaments I normally would never even fathom playing. I was going to miss most of China in general, anyway, Wuhan and Beijing, just because I was exhausted after the US Open.

Emotionally I didn't want to play any tennis. For people who don't ever experience it, it's very difficult to come back emotionally, more so than physically, after a Grand Slam. So the fine was too much, so I showed up in Beijing because it cost less to fly there and play than actually it was to get fined.'

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