Kristina Mladenovic: 'Second part of the season has been dramatic'

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Kristina Mladenovic: 'Second part of the season has been dramatic'

Kristina Mladenovic lost to Magdalena Rybarikova in Zhuhai on Wednesday. This was her 11th consecutive loss in a row. In press conference, the French player analyzed her bad period that has been ongoing since early August. 'Well, (there's a) pretty unique season, let's say,' she said.

'The second part (of the season) has been dramatic. It's terrible. The first part was also dramatic but in a positive way. I'm not sure what ranking I'm going to get at the end of this season, but, you know, in between 10 and 15, and I think there is a worse place to be.

So no matter what's happening at the end of the season, I would have improved a lot compared to my ranking at the beginning of the season. It's true that it was a tricky journey this year, and you can play consistently and very, let's say, solid the entire year.

I could have done that probably and finished with the same ranking I will do now after having good six months and a very bad six months, five or four, I don't know how long (it has been). But, in the end, it's the ranking that counts, and I know the reason why it went bad.

I also learnt a lot, so let's say this year would be probably the best I had in every term: experiences, highlights, improvements and lessons. And, yeah, of course it has been a difficult period in second part, but I think I will get out of there much more mature and stronger for my next (few) years of my career.' What was difficult? 'Yeah, well, it's obvious I got injured in Wimbledon, and then I was struggling with getting my shape and my fitness back.

I was, yeah, just struggling. I had some issues with my knee. It was not the reason of my losses, but it was the reason why physically, I was not moving the same way on the court, which changed my level of tennis. I was struggling for a long time.

You know, with very big tournaments during the U.S. summer, I was really not thinking of pulling out of those events, and the last part was also a tough decision to take, because even with my bad U.S. summer, I still had chances to qualify for (the WTA Finals in) Singapore, so we took the decision to, let's say, keep forcing and playing.

But it turned out being a bad decision, because I couldn't improve my game.' ALSO READ: WTA ZHUHAI - DRAW: Mladenovic aims to break losing streak, Kerber to play .