John Isner: 'Going into Bercy, I was sort of thinking about football'

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John Isner: 'Going into Bercy, I was sort of thinking about football'

John Isner defeated Juan Martin del Potro 6-4 6-7 6-4 to reach Paris Masters semifinals for the second time in a row. The American, who will face Filip Krajinovic next, would qualify for ATP Finals almost mathematically by winning the title. Asked if he expected to be that close, Isner replied: 'Going into this tournament I wasn't thinking about it at all. I was sort of thinking about what football games I'm going to watch back home when this tournament is over. But now, certainly I'm not going to lie to you guys, it's in my mind now. It would be great to qualify for that. But, you know, you get to this stage of a tournament like this, a tournament that I've played well in throughout my career. So I've given myself a pretty good shot, I think, to qualify for that. But it's going to be very, very tough.'

Speaking about how he managed to stay fit until the end of the season, the 32-year-old revealed: 'Everything I do off the court and when I'm in the gym lifting weights or stretching or doing conditioning, I try to just keep my body feeling as fit as possible at all times. I'm fine taking three, four weeks off of tennis, but I rarely take, really, any days off of going in the gym. When I do do that I find myself feeling horrible and that's when I start to get hurt. So I just take care of myself well and I know what it takes, especially now. So I'm going to keep continuing to do that. As long as I stay healthy, there's no reason I can't play for, you know, three, four more years.'

How important and how strictly do you follow a diet? 'Yeah. I follow diet pretty strict. I know what to eat, especially when I'm not at a tournament. I actually cook quite a lot. So I enjoy to cook, and I eat pretty healthy. So there's some times when I am able to cheat a little bit. Actually, after a match like this, I think any calories are pretty good. I actually had a cheeseburger so it tasted very good. I had one yesterday too. And they cook a good one here. So I felt pretty good on the court today. But, no, I won't have a cheeseburger. I'm going to eat again later. It's going to do a little bit healthier. But diet is, of course, very, very important.'

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