Karen Khachanov: 'Everybody plays serious here. There is prize money'

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Karen Khachanov: 'Everybody plays serious here. There is prize money'

One of the motivations why all the players who have qualified, except for Alexander Zverev, are playing the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan is definitely money. Just playing the event guarantees a player $50,000. You earn $30,000 per every round robin match won, while if you are the champion without losing any match, that's $390,000.

After his loss to Daniil Medvedev on Tuesday, Karen Khachanov said: 'I think everybody plays serious here. We are not playing for something, like, not big, you know. So, okay, we don’t have points but there is prize money, and still, it’s a very prestigious tournament that all of us, we qualified here, to be here and to play.

So everybody plays serious. And even that we know each other close, we are friends outside, but in the match everybody plays full. So I think with motivation, there is nothing to say. It’s 100%.' Khachanov also commented on the new rules: 'I think for now live Hawk-Eye is a good thing.

Only thing is I would like to hear a different voice. I think it’s better that all umpires record their voices and each match that he played, it’s an umpire that is on the chair. I think it would be better like this.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'To be legends, you need hard work and passion'