Aleksandra Krunic comments on receiving scary death threats

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Aleksandra Krunic comments on receiving scary death threats

Aleksandra Krunic is just one of the many players who receive death threats and bad messages after losing or winning too, depending if people who make bets predicted her win or loss. In a chat to Sport Klub, the Serbian player said: 'I know how to deal with that stuff, but some of the messages manage to scare me and I wonder: “Do people this sick really exist?“ My way of coping is just making jokes about it.

So, when someone writes that I should be raped and murdered, I want to answer: “Just kill me right away, don‘t torcher me with that other thing“. I mean, what can you say about idiots like that?' Krunic also commented on Maria Sharapova's behaviour on the WTA Tour.

The Russian is described by most players as an asocial person. 'I know that some of the players think that all od us on the WTA tour want to hurt each other, but it‘s not good to generalize thins. Basic decency means that you have to say “hello“, we are colleagues after all, and Sharapova doesn‘t do that.

That is why she is not popular among her peers, but I have to say that I don‘t know her personally – as much as she apperas unotouchable, I believe that she is havinga hard time stepping on the court after everything that has happened.' ALSO READ: Toni Nadal: 'Rafa plays better now. But Federer, Djokovic do too'