Mats Wilander: 'Rafael Nadal is better than ever'

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Mats Wilander: 'Rafael Nadal is better than ever'

Interviewed by Marca, Mats Wilander commented on the current and future tennis that is still marked by "Big Fours". Until which stage is important that Zverev, Rublev, Shapovalov enter tennis elite? 'It's fundamental for tennis.

I think it'd be good that younger guys face the best like Nadal and Federer, and that beat them. It would be a way to push them to improve. If the new generation doesn't win big titles while Nadal, Federer, Djokovic and Murray are always there, you will always say that they are a worse generation than the current one.

I see them prepared, the main question mark are best of five sets matches', said Wilander. What happened to Novak Djokovic this year? 'I think it's more physical than mental but of course, when you lose, you have not the winning aura anymore and many things are involved.

Many times injuries come because you are not 100% mentally and I do not speak only about Djokovic but Murray too. Sometimes it's good to take a break.' In what Carlos Moya helped Nadal the most? 'It's difficult to know.

From outside, it's clear that Rafa improved his serve, his second serve is faster. For me, Nadal is better than ever. It's true that before, he was faster and wasn't afraid because he was young, but now he has a much better technique.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: 'Knee bothers me, I am not giving my 100% in practice'