Dominic Thiem: 'It's tougher to keep high ranking when everybody is back'

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Dominic Thiem: 'It's tougher to keep high ranking when everybody is back'

The match between Dominic Thiem and David Goffin was supposed to be a very quality and close one as they were fighting for a place in the semi-finals. However, the Austrian didn't play well, if we don't consider the first three games of the first set when he led 3-0. 'I had a very, very good start obviously,' Thiem admitted in press conference.

'Again, some very bad mistakes. I let him back into the game. Somehow after the three-love [game], I lost it until the end.' He played 27 tournaments this year. Did it have an impact on his shape of form in the last part of the season? 'No, it doesn't have to do anything with the amount of tournaments.

I mean, of course US Open was very painful. Maybe would be easier if I would have won it and go out with more confidence out of this tournament than after this defeat against del Potro. But, well, now it's already long time since that happened.

I don't really have it on my mind. But, yeah, after US Open [my season] was not very good. I have to admit it. Today was like the last month, I guess.' Asked if he thinks he making progress at the big events, and is improving, Thiem replied: '[It] has nothing to do with the tournaments.

I think I'm used to playing big events. The thing is that at the big events, there are big players, strong players. If you play bad against them, you will lose easy. That's the only thing which is tough about it. The bigger the events or the stages get, the better the players are.

You have to play well. You have to compete well. That's what I didn't do today.' He will still end the year in the top-five of the ATP rankings. Will it be tougher to achieve when Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray come back in 2018? 'Yeah, everybody of these big names when they come back, they make everybody's life hard, of course.

But I think it's good for the sport that they come back. We will see how they do. It's tough to make a comeback like Roger [Federer] and Rafa [Nadal] this year did. So we'll see. But for sure it's tougher to keep a high ranking when everybody is back.' ALSO READ: Dominic Thiem to play friendly football match with Aljaz Bedene and friends