Magnus Norman: 'Without Big Four, Stan Wawrinka would be World No. 1'

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Magnus Norman: 'Without Big Four, Stan Wawrinka would be World No. 1'

In an interview to Industris del Tenis, Magnus Norman commented on splitting up with Stan Wawrinka after a very successful four-year relationship. 'We ended on a mutual agreement, I have two six-year-old twins girls and being away from home for 30 weeks per year was very hard', Norman explained.

'Stan is a person with who you like working, he is shy, introvert, and has a life outside of tennis, which is really important and made our relationship good. He is a typical Swiss worker. I remember the first time I spoke to him: I told him to write on a paper his goals, and I would have done it too.

My last point was to play ATP Finals, a goal that any of his coach had set to him. I believed in him. He was No. 3, but lived in the same era as Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray... otherwise he would have been World No. 1.' Norman also added Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal took advantage of Wawrinka, Murray, Djokovic's absences, but didn't want to underestimate their success: 'Roger showed you can be very competitive at 35 Age if you are excited and committed, while Rafa is extra-terrestrial.' At the same time, Norman thinks New Generation didn't take advantage of the chance.

'It was an unique year for new generations, for half a year there weren't Murray, Novak and Stan. I don't think it will happen for many years. Younger players, apart Zverev, didn't crack top 10.' ALSO READ: Marseille Open 2018: Stan Wawrinka headlines the playing field