Gael Monfils: 'My goal is still to win a Grand Slam title'

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Gael Monfils: 'My goal is still to win a Grand Slam title'

Gael Monfils is ready to have a great 2018 season. The 31-year-old wants to put a very bad 2017 behind of him, and after suffering several injuries he wants to be at a top level again. He will start the new season in the World Tennis Challenge exhibition of Adelaide ahead of Australian Open.

In February he will play back to back in Quito, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, and he has a point in doing it. 'Next year I will play more on clay courts', Monfils told The Advertiser. 'I might focus more on that both for my body and for my game.

I’ve never put the claycourt season in February as a goal, but I think this year I can. We want to play earlier on clay, to be fitter and ready for the long season in Europe.' Monfils started the season as World No.

6, which is his career-high ranking, and now he is No. 46. He has great ambitions for the future: 'My goal is still to win a Slam, you know. I’m working for that and I’m ready to die for that, to win a Slam.

And if it can be the French it would be even better', added the Paris native, who reached 2008 French Open semifinals. ALSO READ: Roger Federer organises special event to celebrate 2017 success .