Johanna Konta: 'Andy Murray is such a massive supporter of women'

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Johanna Konta: 'Andy Murray is such a massive supporter of women'

In a recent interview, Johanna Konta praised Andy Murray for his sensibility towards women, both in the sports and social environment. 'I think we’re reasonably lucky in this country because of two words: Andy Murray', Konta said.

'He’s such a massive supporter of women and women in every role. He’s been so consistent in his messaging in that and we’re so incredibly lucky in that. So I can only try and continue on with his messaging because I believe in that as well.

I think my first and foremost intention has always been to stay true to me. To really represent what I love about the sport and the integrity that I love about tennis. That has always been my baseline. I’ve tried to go along with that and really talk about the things I know and things I have experienced.' For Konta, the equal treatment between men and women is fundamental: 'I know quite a few barriers have been broken down but I think sports are not necessarily seen as feminine.

I think as a female in sports you automatically gravitate towards continuing to break down those barriers and show the sport for what it is and all the amazing things that it is and how all the other things are irrelevant', said the British player, who recently split with Wim Fissette and according to rumours is close to a deal with Michael Joyce, former Victoria Azarenka's coach.

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