Mary Pierce: 'Jesus is really my best friend'

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Mary Pierce: 'Jesus is really my best friend'

In an interview to, the two-time Grand Slam singles champion Mary Pierce, who also won 16 WTA singles titles, spoke about her belief in God. 'When I retired, I felt the end was near.

I have to admit Jesus helped me a lot.' Based in Mauritius since 2008, the tennis legend lives in an evangelical community while she keeps investing her energies in tennis. 'Jesus is really my best friend. At a certain point of my life, I tried to find meaning [in life] because I felt empty inside despite I had everything to be happy: the success of my career as tennis player, money, a big home.

I had won all the big trophies, but there was always something that was missing and I didn't know what. Until I found Jesus, who accomplished many miracles in my life. He hit my heart and made me open my eyes,' she said. 'That's how it happened: on the WTA Tour I noticed a very different player than the others,' she went on to note. 'She had "something" she was looking for.

One day, she asked me if I really knew Jesus. I grew up as a Catholic, I thought I knew him. But then, speaking to her, I found out that we could have a personal relationship with him as a human being. We commented on a lot of things, especially that sin that stands between us and God.

Then I admitted my sins in March 2000 when I was alone in a hotel room and I gave my life to Christ. I felt I could fulfil my empty with immense love and indescribable joy. I knew all my sins were forgiven, that I was loved and that I had an eternal life.

God got all my injuries healed, I was able to forgive who hurt me and asks for forgiveness to people with who I was wrong. I knew the peace I was looking for a long time. A peace that overcomes any understanding and human logic.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer says it's 'highly unlikely' for him to play Davis Cup now .