Gustavo Kuerten reveals two former top-10 players asked him to coach

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Gustavo Kuerten reveals two former top-10 players asked him to coach

Interviewed by the Brazilian website Globo Esporte, the former world no. 1 and three-time Roland Garros champion Gustavo Kuerten revealed he declined two coaching offers by top players in the last 18 months.

'The first [to] contact [me] was with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga at 2016 Rio Open, but I told him no. He tried to convince me asking if there was a way to coach him without being his coach, but it's something very complicated, as the coach's presence needs to be consistent and regular throughout the whole year.

Then [Juan Martin] del Potro came (in 2017 April) and he got the same answer, but I left him an open door for the future. I told him that, even if I wanted to, I would not be the best coach for him as he had an injury (wrist).

I, too, had faced a similar injury to my wrist and wasn't able to resolve it. It would be also difficult to try to help him, where and how, I would not have the solution. It's not worth to take risks. It would be great to coach such an excited guy, but for me it's not enough.

Today some things are more worth than others. But, there was also a bigger reason at play as Kuerten added, 'At the moment I don't want to work with high-level professional tennis players. First, because I want to take care of little ones, helping Brazil to shape up great players for the future.

I have no immediate or long-term plans to be back to work on the professional tour to coach a tennis player. In the future who knows.' ALSO READ: Juan Martin del Potro's coach: 'The goal is to be healthy physically' .