ATP Board Member: 'Sascha Zverev wants to imitate role model Roger Federer'

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ATP Board Member: 'Sascha Zverev wants to imitate role model Roger Federer'

Interviewed by Sports Senators, the ATP Board Member and Player's Representative Giorgio di Palermo, Italian, spoke about how ATP University works. More than 1,000 players "graduated" from the ATP University in the last few years.

'ATP University classes take place during ATP Finals in London and the Miami Open. Since, it was founded, it has changed venues, format and guidelines, but it has always been a way to help the players understand the importance of being connected to your own circuit, which is a set of tournaments in the service of players that is, in turn, connected through fans, partner companies and media.' Di Palermo also added, 'ATP University is about the ATP overview, ATP tournaments, the media training, nutrition, the ATP services for players, social media, medical services, ATP communications, ATP marketing, rules and arbitration, savings and investment finances, security, anti-corruption rules and anti-doping.

There is a relaxing environment between guys, and in classes ATP managers often speak about practical situations and game, and the rules, which younger players know well enough, but it's true that the many facets of game generate rare cases that are unknown to to the majority.

Improvised surveys between players, rules' proposals, debate about tournaments, the conditions of the courts and management-level events are also on the agenda.' Finally, he added, 'Often we disagree about the condition of the court, player's obligations towards the media, ATP partner companies and fans.

But on these topics, I have to say that the good example of Federer and Nadal's generation was essential to make younger players understand the importance of giving back to tennis what the sport gave them, in terms of time and commitment; Sascha Zverev, just to mention an example, who is a very smart guy by nature, saw in Federer a (role) model in terms of image and style that he is definitely willing to imitate for commitment and appeal towards his partners companies.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer says it's 'highly unlikely' for him to play Davis Cup now