Juan Monaco Enjoys Life as a Television Host

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Juan Monaco Enjoys Life as a Television Host

Tennis - Argentine Juan Monaco says that he has picked up his racquet only two or three times since retirement and does not miss playing at all. In an interview to El Pais, Monaco says, "I played only two or three times since I retired from tennis. I miss the competition, but when I remember how sacrificed it was to train and prepare for the tournaments I realize that I prefer to take advantage of other things in life, outside of tennis that occupied more than 20 years in my head. I enjoyed it (my career), but I also suffered because the life of the tennis player is very sacrificed. You have to train a lot and take precautions all the time to become the best possible player. It is difficult to carry the day to day with professionalism. I gave everything until my body could not resist anymore."

Speaking about his recent forays into television post-retirement, Monaco says, "(The opportunity) showed up. I never imagined that I was going to retire from tennis and in such a short time I was going to have two television programs as a host. It was illogical. But that's life. One has to look for new challenges all the time. When they proposed to make me with friends like that, I said: "why not?". I played to do it, and I also had the chance to do it with friends I've known for a long time like (Mariano) Zabaleta and Álvarez. I felt content and I was not alone in case things did not work out, but from the beginning, everything flowed very well. Then came the proposal of El Trece to do For a coin. If I look back one year, what I am experiencing today was unthinkable. I like and I enjoy the world of television. I go nurturing, it's a new challenge and I learn every day. I'm growing little by little and I still have a lot to consider myself a television host. Today I enjoy it but it is also super demanding. I have programs from Monday to Saturday and I do not know how long I will be resting only on Sundays. I have many proposals and I will see how I plan next year."

Monaco also says that he would like to become a father in the future. "Any normal person who is 33 years old and has no childhood dreams of being a father. If things are flowing and everything is fine, those dreams will come. I hope he can fulfill his wish."

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