Denis Shapovalov: 'I want to qualify for ATP Finals within three years'

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Denis Shapovalov: 'I want to qualify for ATP Finals within three years'

One of the most popular topics in tennis is the dominance of the 'Big Four' players and the struggles of the Next Gen players to make a breakthrough in the Tour. Interviewed by Marca, on this subject, Denis Shapovalov said something interesting.

The 18-year-old admitted, '[Their comeback] surprised me and the only thing I hope is that they don't play for a longer time. It would be difficult to qualify for the Masters if they keep playing. I would like to play the Masters within three years and for that, I need that they start preparing for their retirement.

They have played unbelievably well and they have proved that they are real champions despite their injuries and age. [So], it's very good to see them play, but for my interests I hope that they retire soon,' said Shapovalov.

Asked about the differences between the ATP Tour and Challengers, he added: 'In the Challengers, matches are always very balanced. On the [ATP] Tour you feel that everyone is hungrier to win. Every match counts a lot because it's many points and much money at stake.

No one gives you anything. This is the big difference with Challengers.' What does he need to improve to qualify for ATP Finals in London? 'The idea is to keep my game growing as time goes on.' Alexander Zverev is just two years older than Shapovalov and he's won two Masters 1000 titles this year, en route to becoming the world no.

4. Is he the reference point? 'What Sascha has done is unbelievable. He had a great season and I hope I was in his situation. But everyone follows his own parth. One has to go step-by-step. What I hope is that I can be as successful as him in the future.' Asked if he was open to being coached by John McEnroe, who was the captain of Team World at the Laver Cup, in the future, Shapovalov replied: 'I won't change my coach.

At the moment I don't need anyone else. But it's clear that in the future John is a great coach and I don't see why he can't help me.' ALSO READ: John Isner got married, Querrey and Johnson attended .