Mouratoglou: 'They all want to be no. 1, but almost nobody believes it'

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Mouratoglou: 'They all want to be no. 1, but almost nobody believes it'

What impresses the most about Patrick Mouratoglou is his motivation and excitement in working and speaking about his job. Serena Williams' coach has worked with a lot of players throughout his career, but there is one whom he remembers a lot, the former world no.

8 Marcos Baghdatis, who didn't have enough motivation when it came to step up to the next level. 'What happened with Marcos, happens with most of the players,' Mouratoglou told Sky Sport Italy.

'They all have a dream, an idea, but what is the goal? For some players, it's fantastic to be in the top-100. All tell you, when you ask them, that they all want to be no. 1, but almost nobody believes it.

Just a few players really believe they can be no. 1. They all wish to be no. 1, but who really wants to be no. 1. So it's a different story. When they reach a certain ranking, which brings money, celebrity status, especially in their own country, they feel "This is exactly where I want to be." "Do you want more?" "Yeah okay, I would like more." "Are you ready to do more?" "No." Because I feel that I should keep doing what I am doing, I am going to stay here all my career.

I don't want to risk more, I don't want to go further. I am tired mentally or physically. That's exactly what happened with Marcos, who told me: "Now If I do it, I will work too much, I am not going to be good in the matches." It's sad because deep inside them, they will regret this decision.

Most of them call me one year after and they tell me, I made a mistake, I want to come back. But I am working with somebody else and it's end of the story.' It takes time for him to enter the player's mind before starting to work with the player: 'As a coach, my approach is global: why? Because I think, to succeed as a coach you have to start thinking that you don't know anything and have to discover the player.

Who is he, what does he think, what's his motivation, what people are around him, what do they bring positively and negatively. You need to know the whole picture. And this is very important to take the time of all the picture without thinking already: "Oh, I want to do this, I want to do that." I don't know what I am going to do at the start.

I just want to understand why this player is ranked sixty, twenty, what he does well, what he can improve and what is the environment. Once I have all the signs, I can start working.' ALSO READ: Alexander Zverev: 'This is just the beginning, I am already back at work' .