Darren Cahill reveals why Andre Agassi is coaching Novak Djokovic

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Darren Cahill reveals why Andre Agassi is coaching Novak Djokovic

Darren Cahill feels the co-operation between Novak Djokovic and Andre Agassi in the 2018 season can be a very good one, despite the American legend only expected to be with Djokovic during the Grand Slams.

Agassi, who is currently in Monte Carlo to know Radek Stepanek better ahead of the 2018 season, isn't getting paid by Djokovic. 'I love the fact Andre is getting involved in tennis and love the fact he is passionate about Novak,' Cahill told New York Times.

'A little bit the same with me and Simona, where I really like Simona as a person. Andre and Novak, they’ve gotten to know each other by phone, leading into the French Open, and have spent hours on the phone together talking about tennis and about life.

Andre has a great respect for Novak, and they are exceptional friends now, and part of the reason why Andre is doing it is because he likes the guy.' Cahill also spoke about one of the most interesting rules in the game, on-court coaching, that may also be introduced in the ATP Tour.

'On-court coaching to me has been the biggest change and also going to be the biggest change over the next generation of tennis with men’s tennis bringing it in as well,' Simona Halep's coach said. 'I think it was great the WTA trialed it and brought it in and is doing what it’s doing.

I think it could be much better than what it is. I think it’s restrictive doing it once a set. The fact the coaches go out there and have to pile information on the player, because they only get a chance to talk to a player once a set.

It’s difficult because quite often you are only getting brought out there when you are down in a set, so it’s more an emotional talk than it is a strategic talk.' ALSO READ: Mark Philippoussis: 'Roger Federer is the greatest of all time' .