Juan Carlos Ferrero: 'Federer has focused more on enjoying than on winning'

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Juan Carlos Ferrero: 'Federer has focused more on enjoying than on winning'

Juan Carlos Ferrero predicts a bright future for Alexander Zverev, who this year won two Masters 1000 titles, in Rome and Montreal, and three other titles, entering the tennis elite. Ferrero, who has been working with the 20-year-old Hamburg native, told IB Times UK: 'Zverev is very competitive and results have arrived sooner than expected.

He is a top world player so far and during the last part of the season he focused on the mental side in order to cope with pressure. He is no. 4 in the ATP rankings and they now begin to see him as a potential number one. Because he is able to make it.' Ferrero also praised Roger Federer, who won seven titles in 2017 including at the Australian Open and Wimbledon: 'His season was one of the best I remember, taking into account the number of tournaments he took part in.

He won almost everything he has played. He knows himself better than anyone, he knows where his limits are and he cherry-picks his calendar based on his knowledge on himself. One of the keys for last season's success might be that Roger Federer has focused more on enjoying than on simply winning.

He is no longer carrying such a burden on his shoulders.' ALSO READ: Alexander Zverev: 'There is no one perfect in tennis, except Roger Federer' .