Guy Forget: 'Will Laver Cup exist when Federer will stop promoting it?'

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Guy Forget: 'Will Laver Cup exist when Federer will stop promoting it?'

Paris Bercy had the least strong playing field among the nine Masters 1000 due to its position in the calendar and the fact that many players had ended their season because of injuries. Guy Forget, Paris Masters' tournament director, spoke about the factors that led to this situation, including the introduction of the Laver Cup that featured Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer among others.

'I know that some players have played this competition and they will not play it next year,' Forget revealed about the Laver Cup. 'They prefer to fly one hour to Prague instead of going that far. Because they see the effect of having a jet lag on their body going back to the States.

As to the other players, they are smart. I'm sure they will draw the consequences. So this event, I don't want to condemn it because, on paper, it looked good. There was a good atmosphere, good matches and those who participated really played the game.

We thought it was good for promoting tennis.' He went on to add, 'But it did have an impact on the Basel tournament, on the Paris Masters, maybe on the following tournaments. So players are not unanimous about this event.

There are no ATP points. The future will tell what can come out of it. Federer promoted that event, supported it. Is this event going to continue to exist the day he will stop doing that? We'll see. Of course, a non-official competition, when the calendar is so packed, can become a problem and Chris (Kermode) from the ATP is totally aware of that.' Story by Le Figaro ALSO READ: Sam Querrey reveals best and worst in facing Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal .