Dimitrov: 'If there's one person that can return, that's Andy Murray'

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Dimitrov: 'If there's one person that can return, that's Andy Murray'

Grigor Dimitrov feels Andy Murray can be back at a great level again in his comeback year. In a few weeks at Brisbane the British player will compete for the first time since Wimbledon, and Dimitrov expects him at the top. 'If there's one person that can come back, that's him.

That's for sure. He's going to prove that his head that is stronger than the hip itself. That's how Andy is', the World No. 3 said last month during ATP Finals. 'Again, I wish him all the best. I'm sure he's going to recover and we're going to see him pretty soon out there.' Dimitrov also spoke about how much Dani Vallverdu helped him, mentioning again Murray: 'I mean, obviously a lot.

Of course, he's done a tremendous job with Andy, but then with Thomas. He was one of the biggest assets, I would say, in my team, especially when he joined in last year. If you think about it, we've actually been together just a little bit over a year.

I think we have a great understanding of the game. He can easily be the hardest-working coach out there. He knows the game inside-out. I mean, a lot of that success goes to him, absolutely. And, of course, everybody from the team has been on point throughout the whole year.

Again, to make sure that we are far ahead, you know, whether it's booking practice. I already have practice booked for Australia, so that's pretty cool if you think about it.' ALSO READ: Grigor Dimitrov joins Rafael Nadal to play 2018 Barcelona event