Piotr Wozniacki: 'It was tough to be closer to Caroline than Patrick'

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Piotr Wozniacki: 'It was tough to be closer to Caroline than Patrick'

Caroline Wozniacki has been in the tennis elite for more than a decade now, but she didn't have a pretty easy childhood. Around 15 age, the Danish player's desire to breakthrough in tennis pushed his father and coach Piotr to focus on her improvement, although Caroline's brother Patrik wanted to play football at a high level too.

'He was a pretty good footballer', Piotr told Ekstra Bladet, 'but needed some support and help from me. I made the choice then when Caroline was producing promising results. That meant that I had to be closer to one of my children than the other.

It was tough. Without a doubt, being so close to her has been a huge gift, but also meant that I would have to be away from my son. We all talked about it together, and I’ve very proud of the fact that Patrik accepted it the way he did.

He also wanted to help his sister the best way he could. Caroline also understood that we needed to do everything possible to keep contact with Patrick as best we could. The two of them are luckily just as close now as they were then.' At the beginning, Piotr was very involved in Caroline's career, as they could not get much help from others: 'There was work eight hours a day with practice, travel planning, physical training and doing marketing by driving around and telling people, ‘this little girl will become a top player’.

The situation was such in Denmark that there really weren’t any coaches with tour experience we could travel with. We trained with people in Denmark, but I was beginning to focus internationally. When she turned 16, we moved to Monaco, and I began to get help from people on the WTA Tour.

Nothing was as I’d imagined it. Everything was new to me. Every day contained a small risk of doing something wrong, and all the while, Patrik was very alone home in Copenhagen. It wasn’t an easy choice because we wanted the best for both of our two children.' Quotes by Tennis Translations ALSO READ: How much do Roger Federer, Bencic know each other? Here is the answer