Zverev: 'My name came out of nowhere, I didn't really say a word'

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Zverev: 'My name came out of nowhere, I didn't really say a word'

According to some sources, Alexander Zverev is said to have supported Novak Djokovic's idea to create a union of players, which he had proposed to the players before the start of the Australian Open.

In press conference after his first-round win over Thomas Fabbiano, the German player wanted to fully clarify on this. 'I don't know where this all came from,' an almost shocked Zverev said. 'We had a separate meeting as players from the ATP on Friday or Saturday. I mean, everybody was there. All of the top players were there. All of the Grand Slam participants was there. I was there, as well. Novak was mostly talking. I didn't really say a word to it. And then all of a sudden my name came up in the newspapers somewhere. I don't know. So I don't know where this even came from that I'm, like, for it or against it or anything. I was just there, like everybody else was. I don't really have a position to it, because that was the first time it was mentioned. Everybody listened to it. That's about it.'

Zverev not only didn't express his opinion, but he also didn't want to comment on it: 'I'm here to play. You can ask this question maybe of Novak what he thinks. But I'm here to play, and I'm happy to play on the big courts. I'm happy to play against my opponents. I enjoy doing that. My goal here is to win matches now and not think about a lot of stuff.'

Focusing back on tennis, Zverev has often said he wants to be more consistent. 'Well, I think last year I was pretty consistent, apart from the end of the year. I think my game is getting more consistent with age, as well. I think that's also something that is a factor of maturity. So, you know, I'm just trying to get better every single day, and that's what I'm here for.'

Speaking about his relationship with his family, the 20-year-old added: 'Me and my brother, we both live in Monaco. We obviously have separate apartments. He has a wife now, and, you know, I'm a little bit by my own. But, you know, still we travel a lot as a family, because my dad is obviously my coach still. My mom travels with him. It was more of a joke. But, you know, they asked me what changed for you since you're no. 4 in the world. At home nothing [has] changed. My brother still makes fun of me. My mom is still there. Dad is still there. My dog doesn't even realize who I am, so, you know, nothing changes at home.'


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