Kristina Mladenovic: 'It can't continue like this'

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Kristina Mladenovic: 'It can't continue like this'

The last time an umpire said "Game, Set and Match Kristina Mladenovic", it was early August in Washington. After that, the French player got 15 losses in a row, including the last one to Ana Bogdan in straight sets, 6-3 6-2.

Mladenovic doesn't want to look all black: 'It was a bad match. It's that kind of matches where we feel everything is going bad. My level wasn't good, my opponents took her chances', she said, as quoted by L'Equipe.

It's your 15th consecutive loss. What is the problem? 'There isn't any problem. It's not like last year when I was injured. There it's all good. It's just a bad match. You should not be worried, it can't continue like this, especially with the daily job I am doing.' Mladenovic also answered about some criticism: 'For your information, I'm considered a Top-10 player'.

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