Lleyton Hewitt: 'Nick Kyrgios doesn't need a new coach'

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Lleyton Hewitt: 'Nick Kyrgios doesn't need a new coach'

A lot of people are debating about Nick Kyrgios possibly having a new coach in the future. The Australian Davis Cup team captain Lleyton Hewitt doesn't think it should be the priority for Kyrgios now. 'I don’t think right at the moment', said Hewitt, who will guide Kyrgios and the teammates in the upcoming tie against Germany in early February.

'I know he’s got Matt Reid in his corner, who’s a really close mate. He’s around the game week in and week out with Nick and I think the biggest thing is he understands Nick the person away from the tennis court.

It’d be pointless getting someone that other people have just told Nick to get for the sake of it, whether it’s a big-name coach or whoever because if you don’t gel then it’s pointless, it’s a waste of time anyway.' 'Nick is going well at the moment and he’s a really smart guy in terms of analyzing his opponents, so he doesn’t need a whole heap to do with that.

It’s more just around the structure with his practice. I think Nick is going OK at the moment.' 'He’s done well. Coming into the Australian summer there’s so much pressure and expectation when you’re the No.1 Australian coming in and I think Nick has handled it a lot better this year than he has in previous years.

That comes with maturity and the experience and being in that situation and learning from things he might have done last year as well. There’s a lot of positives to take out of this summer for Nick.' ALSO READ: Carlos Moya: 'Sometimes I am Nadal's coach. I never stop being his friend'