Cilic says he's not looking at possible final against Federer as 'revenge'

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Cilic says he's not looking at possible final against Federer as 'revenge'

Marin Cilic defeated Kyle Edmund in straight sets, 6-2, 7-6, 6-2 in their semi-final on Thursday to reach his third Grand Slam final. 'I'm quite happy with the performance,' recognized the Croatian, who will become the new world no.

3 on Monday. 'Obviously when playing in the semi-finals when there is a lot at stake and not losing a serve during the match is obviously big. I started not as I would want to. I was two break points down in the first game, and those first three, four games were not the best level, but I think I just smoothed it around and I found my way and I played my way into the match after those three, four games.

It was obviously a little bit different match than against Rafa [Nadal]. Just slightly different intensity. Not as much rallies and not as much rhythm as in that match. We didn't hit too, too many balls off the back of the court.

That second set was relying more or less on the serve and first shot who's gonna be in control. But luckily and also I played great tiebreaker, very focused to win every single point and just managed it really, really nicely.' At Wimbledon, he had some injury problems.

Now he has reached another final, how is his fitness? 'I am. I'm feeling really, really good physically, even though I had few matches that went more than three hours. But overall, feeling really good. I think I played great tournament so far with my level of tennis.

I think I improved it comparing to end of the last year. I'm playing much, much more aggressive. I think in tennis, in general, if you are not improving, you are getting worse as a player, because everyone else is improving.

The game is improving. There are a lot of youngsters coming up playing great tennis, so you have to always find a way to get better and better. You can see with many guys at the top, especially Roger, that he has been adapting really well to the game and to the opponents and to the players at the top.

Always challenging him to get better and better. Same thing is for me. I did good analysis I think of the last season. Found some things that can improve my game, some small details in the game that I focused on. It's working really nicely at the start of this year.' Cilic commented on his two next potential opponents.

'I think you have Roger (Federer) as a player who has been one of the most successful at these stages of Grand Slam, and also at Grand Slam level I think his performances were such a long period of time, especially when it gets to quarterfinals, semifinals, finals, he's getting better and better and better and playing great tennis.

So with him it's always a big challenge. With (Hyeon) Chung, I played him few times, and looking at his game, I think he has improved a lot in the last 6 to 12 months. And he has, I think, matured, I think, playing really, really good tennis, entertaining to watch.

Amazing defensive player and also hitting big from both sides.' If asked he was looking at a possible final against Federer as a revenge for his Wimbledon defeat last season, Cilic said, 'I'm not looking at it as a revenge.

I mean, it was on me that I couldn't give my best in Wimbledon. And that happens. With Rafa towards the end of the match, and even today I think with Kyle, I think he had either small injury or fatigue, I had no idea, towards the end of the match.

Those things happen. I mean, it's that kind of a sport. But for me it's great to again be in the final, giving myself another opportunity to win a Grand Slam. I'm playing very good tennis, and definitely very excited for the rest of 2018.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal's injury revealed. Here is how long he will rest...