Hyeon Chung: 'I was honoured to face Roger Federer, I am learning a lot'

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Hyeon Chung: 'I was honoured to face Roger Federer, I am learning a lot'

It was the agent Stuart Duguid to open his player Hyeon Chung's Press conference after retiring down 6-1 5-2 to the Swiss Roger Federer. Chung suffered a blister on his foot. 'It's like worse than regular blisters', Duguid said.

'Over the last few days, it was blister under blister under blister. He had it shaved off. Now it's redrawn. They tried injections to see if it numbed the pain. It didn't work. Much worse than a regular blister. What causes that? I think a lot of players get callouses.

As they go along, they shave them down. Because he has played so many matches in the row, I think that's why it was a buildup. I think that's how they started.' Must be tough not to be able to fight for your first semifinal of a Grand Slam.

What is your feeling or the now? 'Many things come together because I retiring in semis. But I think I did the right thing. If I play bad thing on the court, it's not good for the fans and audience as well. I'm happy to be able to make semis in Grand Slam. I want to be stronger next year.' Did you gain more confidence from this tournament? 'For sure.

I play really good in last two weeks. I make first round 16, quarters and semis. I play Sascha, Novak, Roger. I really good experience in last two weeks. I think I can play better and better in the future. Really honored to play with Roger in semis in Grand Slam. I'm just learning a lot.

He played really good today.' Roger said he didn't come to the net that often because of your situation. Did you realize he didn't come to the net and stayed at the baseline? 'No. I think he just really playing good in the baseline, in the net, wherever.

I'm just trying to focus, but my feet are not working good. I don't know.' What is your goal for this year now that you've already been to a Grand Slam semis? 'I don't know. I really don't know I'm going to make it in semis.

I think I already make few goals, because in Korea, like, I make highest ranking in Korea, highest result in Grand Slam. I made two goals. Next goal is I want to finish the season without injury. I have to good recovery, so...' ALSO READ: Cilic says he's not looking at possible final against Federer as 'revenge'