Alizè Cornet explains why she missed three drug tests

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Alizè Cornet explains why she missed three drug tests

Alizè Cornet explained in an interview to L'Equipe why she missed three drug tests in a 12-month period time. About the third "no show" in October, Cornet explained: 'With my brother (Sebastien, his agent) it was a big mistake.

We didn't make any mistake on this third "no show" at the end of October. I was at home but agents could not reach me. There was an enormous misunderstanding. It's not my fault. I was regularly tested, I had a control five days earlier in Moscow and others ten days after in Limoges.' And what about the two previous incidents of her missing her drug tests? 'I had just gone to the airport.

Once, for the Fed Cup final in Strasbourg (November 2016) and the other for Miami (March 2017). It was a matter of minutes. On these two tests, there was a little negligence from my side because the days we were travelling, we could say that we were in transit.

We didn't do it. We believed that since the following day the competition started, they would have understood.' Cornet had missed two drug tests in 2013. When asked if she hadn't been more careful from that time, she replied, 'I assure you that, with my brother, we were very strict for more than ten years.

It's true that I had (missed) two in 2013 and three last year due to an unbelievable mix of circumstances that worked against me.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer reveals why he has effortless style