Juan Monaco: 'There is a very different world after tennis'

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Juan Monaco: 'There is a very different world after tennis'

It's been almost 10 months since Juan Monaco retired from professional tennis. The former world no. 10 had an interesting interview with La Nacion in Buenos Aires, where he will play the Tournament of Legends this week, during the ongoing Argentina Open, to comment on the changes in his life since his retirement.

'It surprises me that there is a very different world after tennis,' he admitted. 'Because when you are involved in the tennis environment, you only think about tennis and you believe that everything is around it.

This is the world where we lived in for a lot of time. You are competing for 30 weeks outside and in the remaining weeks you are training in Argentina, and your head thinks about tennis 90%. So you believe that this is the only world that exists.' He also added that since leaving the sport he had realized that in everyday life, there were people who weren't related to the world of sports and that now he is living his day-to-day life like an ordinary person.

Speaking about his career as a TV presenter, he added, 'It's more difficult to have long-term plans in the world of TV because it's about the ratings, how the programme works, many factors that you can't get the control of.

In sports, you can set a calendar and set goals.' ALSO READ: Stan Wawrinka eyes Tokyo 2020: 'I would love to play the Olympics again'