Gael Monfils: 'Every match I receive racist comments'

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Gael Monfils: 'Every match I receive racist comments'

Gael Monfils has seen his share of racial abuse directed towards him across the years. Speaking after his win over John Isner in Indian Wells, Monfils said as quoted by Sport360: 'I have good and bad.

Bad because basically every match I receive some racist comments and you can face someone who is racist. And then you can have the opposite like super-fans following you, in the street, in the shop, not far where you live.

Both are weird a little bit but that’s the way our job is so we take it.' He has slipped down the rankings in the last year or so, from being in the top-10 to now, where he is outside the top-40. When asked about this, Monfils said, 'It’s maybe 34 places away from where I want to be, so it’s very far.

I think I can play better. I’m just fighting, I’m hanging around, but I’m not playing great tennis. Today was a bit better, I served better, I went for my forehand a bit more. But I think I can play better.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'I am disappointed by Rafael Nadal's withdrawal' .