Victoria Azarenka: 'Tennis is an outlet for me'

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Victoria Azarenka: 'Tennis is an outlet for me'

Victoria Azarenka's run in Indian Wells finished in the second round against Sloane Stephens, who prevailed 6-1, 7-5 on Sunday. The Belarusian, who will 'definitely play' in Miami, said in the post-match press conference that she wasn't happy with her performance.

She added: 'A lot of work to do. Obviously a lot of work to do. For me, the most important is to have a clear head, which obviously right now is not. Once I figure all my stuff outside of the court, I'll be able to focus and be 100% when I'm on the court to be there.' About returning to the Tour amid the struggles she has had to face in her personal life, she said, 'I have no idea.

You know, this whole process, honestly, amazes me, to be honest. I really am surprised that the challenges that I have been put through, and I'm still going through is – I wouldn't expect myself to be this calm and this positive and this optimistic for this long period of time.

So there is definitely a lot of things and a lot of strength that I'm finding myself outside of the court. And I need to get, you know, confidence back because there is no other way than going out there and failing, getting up, failing, getting up, but just working hard.' About what tennis has come to mean to her in the last few months, she said, 'Well, it's definitely an outlet, you know, because this is what I have been doing since I'm seven years old.

This is my livelihood. It's not just a fun game that you go out there and play. This is how I earn my living. This is how I live. So to be, you know, kind of taken away that for a reason that is out of your control is a little bit difficult to grasp on.

But when I go out and practice, you know, it's the same. Sometimes I'm able to get my head out of that and sometimes I just have to stop because I can't focus on the ball. There are too many things going on.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'I am disappointed by Rafael Nadal's withdrawal' .