John Isner: 'Going to college makes you a better person and player'

Tennis - The American veteran also speaks about his win over del Potro

by Luigi Gatto
John Isner: 'Going to college makes you a better person and player'

The debate about the possibility to go to college and get a degree, then become a professional tennis player is very open and popular, even more after that this week Danielle Collins openly spoke about it. Collins did really well and went the college route.

In press conference after his win over Juan Martin del Potro, John Isner analyzed the matter from several perspectives: 'The college is certainly "the" right choice for some players, and the players who have made that decision [and] who are doing well on the pro tour I think you could attribute a lot, a lot of that to going to college and maturing and just becoming a better person and becoming a better tennis player.

I'm talking about myself, Steve (Johnson) Kevin Anderson, Danielle, of course. Her run was awesome this week, and she played well last week, also,' Isner said. 'College tennis can do great things for your game. You learn how to win.

Winning at any level is very, very important, and it gives you confidence and gives you those match wins under your belt.' He also added. ​'But there are a lot of players, college isn't for them simply because they are too good for it.

You see a guy like Jack (Sock) and Sam Querrey and a lot of the foreigners and Sascha and all these guys, like, it was a no-brainer for them not to go to college because they're that good.' Isner also commented on his match won against del Potro: 'He came out a little bit slow, simply because he's played so many matches and he's understandably sort of running on fumes.

So that was certainly a big advantage for me. I was much fresher than him, and I think that played a big role today. But also, I did play my game well, so that certainly helped. You know, he's coming into this match winning so many matches.

When you're that confident, even when you're super, super tired, you still find a way to win. So I knew he had that on his side. So it was a battle of me being fresher but him being exhausted but super confident. But fortunately, I was able to win.' ALSO READ: Karen Khachanov: 'I was feeling very close to Roger Federer'

John Isner