Sara Errani: 'In Italy there is a lot of pressure, it's not easy'

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Sara Errani: 'In Italy there is a lot of pressure, it's not easy'

The transition from the "golden" generation to the next generation is not coming so quickly in Italy. Flavia Pennetta retired, Roberta Vinci will do the same this year, Francesca Schiavone is in her last part of career and Sara Errani, at 30 years old, is the youngest of the old group.

In press conference Errani spoke about the potential of the Italian new players and the expectations on them. 'Try to do what we did is really tough', Errani admitted. 'But I think they don't have to think about that.

They are just practicing, they are improving themselves. And even if they are not like 15 years old already on the top, but I think they are working really good. They are motivated. It's not easy, and now even more in ltaly, l think with the people it's tough.

They make everybody a lot of pressure to you, and then they are not managing their things really good for my opinion. But think there are girls, like (Jasmine) Paolini, (Deborah) Chiesa, there are five or six girls that are working good and they can have good career l mean maybe not Top 10.

but it's not a problem. They are enjoying what they are doing, so it's nice.'

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