John Isner reveals the biggest investment he has made in tennis

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John Isner reveals the biggest investment he has made in tennis

John Isner is living probably the best period of his career. The American player just won his first Masters 1000 title earlier this month at the Miami Open beating Alexander Zverev in the final. In press conference in Houston, Isner spoke about his biggest "secret": his chiropractor, Clint Cordial, who travels with him very often since 2012.

'That's the smartest investment I've ever made, is working with him and making that investment into my body. Because without being healthy, I can't go out there, I can't perform, I can't do what I do', Isner said. The world No.

9 is also very careful by himself: 'I'm extremely diligent with how I eat, and how I take care of myself. Lifting weights is a huge part of that for me, keeping myself strong, especially my lower body.' There is no time to rest for Isner yet.

After Miami, he played the Davis Cup and now Houston, his first clay-court event of the year. 'If it's a warm day, the clay is a little bit fast, but it's also bouncing up high. That's perfect for me. I want a fast court for my serve, but I want a high-bouncing court for the rest of my game.

So it's something that the more you play on, the more comfortable you are moving on clay', Isner said. He also praised his wife Madison McKinley. They got married last December. 'There are a lot more important things going on in my life than tennis.

I mean tennis is something that has provided me such a unique experience for a job for the last 11 years of my life... I've been playing a sport for a living. So I'm very very lucky in that regard, but it's also not the most important thing in my life by any means', Isner admitted. ALSO READ: Novak Djokovic has chosen his new coach - Here is who