Martina Hingis: 'A third comeback? No, thanks'

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Martina Hingis: 'A third comeback? No, thanks'

Martina Hingis ended her tennis career again at the age of 37 for the third and last time. This time, unlike previously, the Swiss player doesn't plan to make a comeback. 'No thanks,' she said, as quoted by RSI Sport when asked about the chance to see her play again competitively.

'Thanks to tennis I have an incredible life: I travelled over the world, I am doing well physically and in terms of money; I could never imagine working in an office and still today I work with the Fed Cup team, I follow some players, I help my mother in her school.

I am lucky, I realize it.' Speaking about her mother's contribution in her career, she added, 'It's definitely easier to work in (the) family, because you know each other well, although I admit that it's not clear always.

You are stronger when you work together.' ALSO READ: 'It won't be easy for Roger Federer to win Halle' - Tournament director

Martina Hingis