Alexander Zverev: 'I have the best coach. I may work with Lendl in future'

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Alexander Zverev: 'I have the best coach. I may work with Lendl in future'

There have been rumours about a possible co-operation between Alexander Zverev and Ivan Lendl. The eight-time Grand Slam champion had come to watch one of Zverev's matches at the Miami Open. But during the Media Day in Monte Carlo, the world no. 4 clarified that he was not working with Andy Murray's former coach.

'He wasn't with me. My fitness trainer Jez Green and he are great friends. I have a good relationship with him, but there haven't been any discussion with him. Maybe in the future that's very possible but not for now.'

Zverev also praised his father Alexander Sr. 'I have the best coach there is on the Tour. And I have said it many times,' said Sascha adding that his dad made two players emerge from nothing. 'One of them has won two Masters 1000s events barely at the age of 20. The other one has a completely different game, he is a lefty and serve-and-volleyer. He has made the top-30 after injuries. I am happy with my coach situation.'

Then Zverev took a step back to analyze what happened one week ago in Valencia: 'To play Spain in Spain in Davis Cup wasn't easy. I was very surprised with how I played against David (Ferrer), I moved very well. On Saturday I already felt a little bit tired, and on Sunday I had even less energy. To beat Rafa was not enough. Now I feel well physically, it's my first tournament on clay. I enjoy playing here. I wish clay-season would be longer than it used to be.'

The 20-year-old also spoke about the re-formatting of the Davis Cup format that could be introduced in 2019: 'I think last weekend we made sure it's not gonna change. The tie we had in Spain, the emotions and matches, this only happens in Davis Cup. The tie between Italy and France was good as well. I think players don't want to lose that. ITF keeps behind the doors for a decision, they basically do whatever they feel, it's not like ATP that has a community.'

Zverev finally commented on the shot clock introduction at this year's US Open: 'I am one of the quickest players, with (Nick) Kyrgios. For me, you probably have to ask other players like (Rafael) Nadal. If you give 30 seconds rather than 25, they would do quickly. You have to get the towel, the balls, it may take longer.' 

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